RBLR Photo Uploader - FOR THE PUBLIC GALLERY ONLY (photos for the forum are uploaded when posting)

To avoid problems, only use jpg, jpeg, png or gif format and smaller than 12Mb each.

If your files are too large then visit http://www.picresize.com/ to resize them. Simple select your file, press continue, change option 2 to 'Fit to screen: 1280 resolution' and hit the 'I'm done button'. If any of your photos are rejected then you can still post a CD or DVD to me. PM me on the forum to obtain my postal address.

The pictures are placed in a folder for each event or location, in the month of the relevant year, so the information provided below is vital. No info and they will be placed in a miscellaneous folder.

1. Please enter Your Full Name

2. Please enter place taken, or name of the event where taken e.g. RBLR National Rally

3. Please enter the Month and Year of the event


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